Thursday, December 4, 2008


The suspense of having this baby is always on my mind!!! I am constantly thinking of things that could make this pregnancy go faster.. which obviously is a little out of my hands at this point lol. I stopped working the day before Thanksgiving.. a little earlier than expected but it's giving me time to deal with other things. It was my first official thanksgiving dinner at home. I made enough food for an army. Everything turned out great! I just wanted to share somethings with everyone... so I'm obviously a pro at this whole pregnancy thing, being the 3rd time and all, but it's sooo different being pregnant with a girl! I didn't think it could be true. Not only are the symptoms different but the worries and freakouts are crazy... so here's what I have in comparison with my other pregnancies...
~I'm wide.. I mean really wide..
~My hunger is the size of a black hole but my stomach is the size of a pea..
~I'm not as moody...maybe she's the more moody one.. lol uh oh.
~I crave CHOCOLATE and POP at all hours of the day
~I have dealt with little weewees before but not vv's except my own haha
~I have a fear of whining..shrill high pitched whining..
~A great flood of memories of sleepless nights, poop, puke, pee..screaming..(the baby too) and carrying a carseat while trying to manuever another small kid into the car at the same time, grocery shopping and not having enough arms to keep them from pulling things off the shelves..
(i'll stop before i go too far)
Anyway... the thing is.. this is different. Yes it's my third child.. but without Carter here it's like i'm starting out with 2 all over again.. It keeps running in my head how crazy it would be to have a 4 yr old a 2 yr old and a newborn.. but you know what.. I would love every second! Well at least I know I can handle 2 just fine.. now when josh talks about having like 10 kids i get really scared!! lol!! Alright that's all for now.