Thursday, November 18, 2010

A little bit of this.. A little bit of that

First I would like to happily say that I am blogging from my new blogger app for android. Best thing ever! That way all of you can read my thoughts anywhere I go lol.. so anyways..

Today is day number four on Paxil. Not exactly what I expected. I am experiencing a number of undesirable side affects. For example.. dizziness, gag reflex, shaking/jerkiness, clenching my jaw, and tossing and turning at night. I called my doctor yesterday and she assured me that within the next week or so these symptoms should disapear.. I hope so!!

I have noticed that, even though I'm not sleeping well, that I have a lot more energy and my mood has slightly improved.. not sure if thats all in my head or not lol..

I am going to see a therapist on tuesday. I am anxious for this one.. but excited.

SO... what else has been going on in the Foster household besides me going crazy? (Lol) Well.. Kaelyn is showing signs of wanting to potty train (by this, I mean that every chance she gets, she is stripping her clothes and diaper and peeing everywhere..) When she takes her diaper off she willingly sits on her potty chair, but doesnt go. Hey I'm not complaining she is not even 2 yet. I did have to start puting a onesie on her to bring down the diaper bill.

Kohen is doing really well in kindergarten. We had parent/teacher meetings a couple weeks ago and he is mastering all of his letters, sounds, shapes and numbers. He tells me "mom, I told you I'm a genius" (lol too cute)

Josh has been gone for over 2 weeks doing Army training. I am so proud of this man.. he works so hard! He is currently an E4 working on becoming a SGT. I am just glad we are going to pick him up tomorrow.. put a fork in me, IM DONE lol.

Well thats about it. I'm super excited for the holidays. It entails my 2 favorite things.. family and food!!
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Monday, November 15, 2010

Overall Re-Vamp in Progress..

Okay.. so, if you read my last blog you have noticed that I redesigned my page. Well, if you, again, read my last blog.. that is not the only thing in my life that I am "re-vamping"

As kind of a continuation of my last blog.. I'd like to spill the beans a little further on my process of getting 'me' back.

Those of you who know me, or have been following my blog over the past few years.. know that it's been a rough couple years. Let me rephrase that.. it's been Hell. Well I've kind of been just along for the ride of ups and downs.. but have come to the conclusion that I don't want to be miserable inside my head anymore. I HAVE a choice to be happy.

Ever since my son passed away, I have been plagued with anxiety, paranoia and many other up and down feelings. (don't worry.. no drastic measure thoughts over here) and my friends and family have been constantly suggesting that I get some sort of "help". Well I always thought that I could fix it myself. Yeah. and 3 years later here I am still not "fixing" anything.

I FINALLY went to see my doctor.. I told her everything that has been going on. I am surprised I didn't end up leaving there in a straight jacket with a one way ticket to the mental hospital lol.

I am going to counseling. Yep. It's official.. I am going to go and talk to someone and get it all out.. and HOPEFULLY learn some coping skills with all the other BS that comes along in my life. I am actually kind of excited. ( I guess not really excited to revisit certain topics, but to be able to, not forget, but move on and remember the happy times)

She also put me on some paxil to help take the edge off. Which, I have a LOT of edge to take off.. haha.

So I am hoping that within the next year that I will be able to enjoy my life to the fullest without being afraid. I would like to thank EVERYONE for their support and encouragement. Maybe their IS light at the end of this long tunnel...??