Saturday, August 15, 2009

What a mean mommy....

Okay.. so I'm sitting downstairs... right now.. typing... listening through the monitor, hearing Kaelyn on and off cry and whine.. you would think by now (third time around) that I would be immune to baby cries.. non effected... know they are fine..

so why now am I asking for advice? not sure! I feel like a bad mommy letting her lay there and cry.. but she is 7 months old! it's time for her to go to sleep on her own.. right?!?

With Kohen, I would rock him to sleep every night. I had to hold him as tight as I could and pat his butt and slowly lay him down while praying he wouldn't wake up. He always needed his lullaby music too. he started sleeping through the night at about 7 months.

With Carter.. he was a pretty good bed time "go-er" I guess you would call it. well for the most part.. I could lay him down.. he would play in his crib for a while.. then he would get on his hands and knees.. cross his legs.. and rock himself to sleep while grunting ( LoL) but it always did the trick for him after about 20 minutes..

::hearing her whine and cry off and on still::

Now, with my FIRST girl... I am realizing the high emotions starting already.. very "needy"... very "wanting it now" .. and "I'm not giving up mom!!!!"

Does anyone believe the "cry it out" method? It breaks my heart to hear her crying for me.. and not do anything about it.

at what age does it start? or work? for that matter...

::going to give her a binkie..::

Okay... 15 minutes later...

Now I know why she was still awake.. I went upstairs and she was STANDING up and holding onto the edge of her crib!!! Time to lower the matress!!!

So tell me... cry it out?! or what...