Thursday, July 30, 2009

Just wanted to update everyone on how the 'Fosters' are doing.. well on the 21st I actually ventured to wisconsin with Kara (josh's battle buddy's wife) and all 4 of our kids. and yes we drove... anyways... it was AWESOME to see Josh again and it was definately a bonus for him to see us and the kids. We camped right next to the base. It was nice to be in our own little space when we wanted and be outdoors too. We went putt putt, we had campfires, we went to a place called knuckleheads which was kind of like a dave and buster's, we shopped at the outlet mall, we went to the commissary and px (everything is tax free!!) and basically just enjoyed each other's company to the fullest. although the trip home was a complete nightmare I'm so glad I was able to go... and YES I bought cheese.. lol..

Kaelyn had her 6 month checkup yesterday. She weighs 17.2 lbs and is 26inches long. Nice and healthy. (uhh yeah in the 75% for her age lol) She is now eating rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots and sweet potatoes. She is not a big fan of tangy fruits like pears or applesauce. She makes a funny face like "what are you trying to feed me? ew!" lol. She is scooting forward on her belly. It's actually kind of entertaining. She looks like she is doing the worm!! haha. She gets up on her hands and knees and rocks back and forth then flops forward. She loves her toys. In fact, I had to give her a whole basket just to store them in.. I put her on the floor and surround her 360 with toys and she is fine for about an hour. Her sleeping is getting there. She goes to bed around 9:30 - 10 and sleeps to about 4 or 5, eats, then goes back to bed til around 7. She is such a happy baby! I am so blessed. She definately loves her mommy. Everytime I talk to her, her face lights up! I love it!!
Kohen is so close to starting school. In a month and 11 days he will offically be in preschool. So scary!!! Josh and I had not started him earlier due to his brother passing away and knowing that Josh was being deployed. He will be 5 in october which is fine because he wouldn't make the kindergarten cut off anyway. He can write his first and last name on paper without any help. He knows how to spell dog, cat, hulk (lol), exit, stop, on, off.. and a few other words.. pretty good for a 4 year old!! He makes me so proud and amazed everyday with his intelligence... but he's also a great entertainer and is crazy and happy beyond belief!