Saturday, June 27, 2009

Night Out

Okay so tonight is a big night.. (well in my book..) I actually get to go somewhere..drink.. and spend the night.. WITHOUT my kids..

God bless my children and everyone knows how much I love them.. but man.. this "single" parenting thing is harder than I thought.. I just wanted to show my appreciation to those of you who have to do it on your own. I have a lot of respect for you.. You can't just go to the store.. or out for dinner.. or whatever whenever you want. (which I didn't really do before anyway..but..)

It's just a lot of pressure knowing that it is all on you. Besides family members.. there is no one to say.. "let me take care of the baby today so you can get stuff done.. or rest for a bit.."

I know this experience will make me appreciate my husband even more than I already do.. He is my best friend.. and my other half. I don't know what I would do without him!

So..tonight... I have a babysitter, ALL NIGHT, and I'm actually going to do something fun.. and drama free..

Friday, June 26, 2009

For my Kids..

It is for my kids friday..

This one goes out to Kohen.

Yesterday I was cleaning out my garage... in bare feet.. (yes stupid!)

I gashed the bottom of my toe open and it started gushing blood.

Kohen was like "mom are you alright!" ...."no buddy mommy hurt her toe really bad.."

Call me a wimp..but it really hurt and I was almost in tears..

"It's okay mommy..(as he pats me on the back).. it will be alright"

Followed by.."Your blood is coming out of your brain!! "

LMAO.. priceless..

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I was tagged by Renee last week with the 8x8.. started to do it then got interrupted by life.. so here it is..

8 things I say everyday...
1.stop doing that!
2.I love you
3. 1! 2!...(counting to 3 when Kohen is being bad..)
4.I'm going to pull my hair out!
5.booga butt (Kaelyn's new nickname)
6.Hold on a second I'm talking..
7.I don't want to clean..
8.I miss you!

8 foods I love..
3.turkey and cheese sandwiches
5.salt and vinegar chips
7.general tso's
8.cheese sticks

8 things I wish I had..
2.a house husband home
4.Carter back bills
6.nice clothes bed worries

8 Things I love to do... with my kids
2.go tanning ; ) outside
4.swim tv
8.listen to music

8 things I hate to do...
3.put away laundry dishes
5.change poopy diapers lol
6.cry bills alone

8 things that really annoy me...
1.dirty looks..say it 2 my face..
2.giddy girls
4.people telling me what to do
5.Kohen asking me a million times after I already say no
6.people that think they are better than you
7.lies..what's the point?

8 things that scare me..
2.losing another child
3.losing my husband
4.being alone
6.big spiders
8.being in a car crash

8 Things I do everyday...
2.get the kids dressed
4.take care of my kids with my kids my kids
7.put the kids to bed
8.maybe sleep a little : )

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

i would NEVER do that..

This is for Andrea.. and all the other new moms out there.. just letting you know you are not are the hidden tales of motherhood...

~I always thought that letting kids watch too much tv was bad for their brain... okay my 4 1/2 year old son knows what a crest spin brush is and also life alert... HELLO!!!... lol

~Let my children throw fits in stores... um sorry but no matter how much control you have over your children.. they will do it!

~Burp and think its funny.. okay sometimes I have to laugh. when your kid laughs you laugh.. natural reaction.. of course it's always followed by "what do you say?" ...same thing with "tooting"

~put a child safety lock on their door knob so they can't get out of their room... okay this "sounds" mean.. but would you rather your house be on fire when you wake up? yeah that's what I thought....almost happened to me at our last apartment..

~bribes... okay most 'experts' say not to bribe children.. um yeah when you say " okay I will give you a cookie if you go do this.." and it gives you ten minutes to finish doing a MILLION things.. I think it is perfectly acceptable..

~Potty trained by 2..okay.. when they want to pee and poop in the toilet.. they will. you cannot force them. trust me.. Kohen was finally trained by the ripe age of 4..

~prop a bottle.. okay yes. probably bad.. but when you have a barking dog.. someone at the door.. screaming baby.. phone to answer.. etc.. um don't judge me!

~let baby sleep in a swing. all 3 of my children have loved their swing.. and you know what I LOVE my sleep.. so so be it..

~put cereal in their bottles.. it helps them sleep.. from spitting up.. etc..yes I did it (and still do)

okay so now I have to put my input on my proud parenting moments... these are the important ones..

~Kohen knows his manners. he says excuse me.. thank you.. please.. bless you.. etc.

~He knows when he does something wrong to admitt it and not lie

~He knows to say sorry. and mean it.

~He knows that he cannot have 'treats' until after he eats lunch or dinner.

~He can and is more than willing to share.

~each and every time he is punished I explain why he was in trouble

hope I shared some wisdom.. when you are a parent.. not everything is going to go as you expected. You do what you think is right and who cares what others think. If you survive and your children love you, respect you, and are healthy, then so be it. Kudos to all the other parents out there that read this! Hope u understand!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

What Father's Day means to me..

From the day we found out I was pregnant with Kohen, my husband has been the best dad he could ever be.

He had such a natural sense on how to be a parent. Something I believe to this day that goes beyond a maternal instinct.

He has taught be so much about being a parent it's unreal.. yeah I did (and do) all the waking up at night and diaper changes.. but being a parent goes much beyond that.

He taught Kohen how to be a little dude. He plays rough with him and has "guy talk".. "we can't say sucks while mom is around" kind of guy talk.. he has taught him to respect me.. and so many other things.

With Carter, it also came so natural to him. Josh feels guilty for leaving Carter for 5 months, for basic training, out of his 15 month life.. but he did it for his kids. He joined the army to provide a better life for his kids.. and for that reason he should be proud. When he got back Carter was 13 months old.. they bonded as if he never left.

The day Carter choked, he did CPR and brought him back to life.. for that he should be proud because we at least had 6 more days to see our precious little angel..

With Kaelyn, daddy's little girl. She has him wrapped so tight around her little finger.. he better watch his wallet LOL.

He is an amazing father, friend, and companion. I have the upmost respect for this man.. and now, once again, for his family, he is sacrifices a year of his life to fight for his country and our freedoms.. I couldn't ask for anyone better to be my loving husband.