Thursday, September 3, 2009

One Step Forward..two steps back..

Okay so I've been struggling with nicotine addiction for quite some time now.. so I told myself.. "Kara it's time to quit now!!!"

It was stupid for me to even start smoking cigarettes in the first place.. but what's done is done..

I told myself I would take this next year and try to better myself for my kids and my future.. so the first step I wanted to take was to quit smoking.

Easy?? uh probably not.

I was smoke free for 5 days.. then yesterday I felt my world was crashing.. financially.. emotionally.. etc..

So I was a complete idiot and bought a pack of cigarettes.. complete waste of 5 dollars!!! why did I do that???

I feel like I have no self control or confidence. I feel disappointed. Part of me is like "kara you are kidding.. you can't quit.."

The other half is like.. "yes you can! you can't afford this anymore financially or physically! just do it!!!"

So here I feel like I took one step forward.. and two steps back. I have quit before I can go it again.. or can I? Is this the right time to even attempt it??

I guess what I'm looking for with this post is either advice or encouragement or something. Should I start over tomorrow? or just give up all together. agghhh...