Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I'm back

Okay.. so I realized that I haven't posted a blog since Kaelyn turned a year old.. I guess life just got away with me.. litterally.. I have recently had an epiphany. I need ME back. Just the plain old fun loving, caring, friendly.. ME..
Somewhere along the journey of my husband going to bootcamp for 5 months, losing my son, having a baby and then having my husband deployed for a year... I lost myself. How does someone survive something like that? I don't know either.. lol.. But I did. Or should I say WE did.. I could have never made it without my husband, children, family, and a few close friends.
But anyways.. back to my first statement. I want ME back.. how did I turn into such a grouchy, non-social, anxiety filled person? I am wound so tight with stress... that sometimes I don't realize that life is passing me by.
So I have made a promise to myself. Kara, get out of your funk! Life happens.. to everyone.. and there's nothing that will take you back and change it. My only option is to put one foot in front of the other and move forward... but this time.. with a smile and open heart. I AM ME. and there's nothing wrong with that. <3


Tiffany said...

I love you. Even through your craziness, stress, anxiety and everything else I have been there and unfoutunatly for are stuck with me. We have become eachother's rock and I know my life would not be complete w/o you in it. I thought in the past I had best friends but after years of shit talkers, annoyances, n drama I truly know what qualities a best friend should have. And you have them all. Dont' evet think your alone b/c I am always here no matter what! I love you like the sister I never had and even though our tragedies have been very different we got through them together and here we are...still standing. Amazing mother's, wives,n over all good people. Don't ever 4get that. I love you Kara, my best friend, my sister, my rock...Forever & always:

andrea said...

<3 you bunches and bunches

(and holy shit is there a blogger app for Droid? for real?!!)